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Jason Moreau
  January 1, 1970

Survale Talks Candidate Experience feedback Use Case with Recruiting Daily

Survale CEO Jason Moreau sat down with WIlliam Tincup of Recruiting Daily to talk about the candidate experience feedback use case on his Storytelling Use Case Podcast. The two recruiting technology vets spent a half hour exploring how Survale’s talent feedback platform is sold, purchased and used. Hence the name of the podcast.

After going over Moreau’s bonafides as former founder and CEO of Cytiva and the SonicRecruit, SonicOnboard and SonicPerform product suite (acquired by Taleo in 2011), Moreau touches on the origin story for Survale. Founded in 2016 by Moreau and colleagues from Cytiva and beyond, Ian Alexander and Shashikant Joshi, Survale aimed to operationalize the voice of the candidate to allow recruiting organizations to become more effective and efficient.

Candidate experience feedback use case podcastTincup and Moreau discuss the concept of how Survale supports gathering candidate, recruiter and hiring manager feedback from “Hello to Hire,” by embedding into an organization’s career site to gather feedback on the digital experience and then using ATS integrations to gather feedback at each stage of the hiring process.

Moreau points out that the main candidate experience feedback use case is as a “diagnostic tool.” In other words, Survale gathers this feedback and presents it to recruiting leadership in a way that diagnoses problems from technical issues, to process problems, to communication shortfalls to interview training issues and more. The use case is more about recruitment operations than it is about candidate satisfaction.

This candidate experience feedback use case podcast also touches on common concerns from clients before acquiring. According to Moreau, fear of “survey fatigue” is one of the most prevalent concerns. He points out that candidates are eager to engage with recruiting so surveys are by and large welcome. And because Survale integrates with an organization’s ATS, Survale already knows key data about the candidate before the survey is sent. It knows who the recruiter is, what job was applied for, what location the candidate is in, who the hiring manager is, and more.

Because of this, each survey only needs to contain a few questions. This makes for a welcome check in for candidates after each stage of their journey. And Moreau says the impressively high response rates bear this out.

There is much more valuable information contained in the the podcast so click this link and enjoy the discussion!

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