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Adam Gordon
  April 17, 2019

The Key to Successful Talent Acquisition

It’s becoming more difficult for recruiters today to overcome common recruitment challenges. Competition for high-quality candidates is fierce. Therefore, having a strong and successful talent acquisition strategy is key.

Ways to be Successful in Talent Acquisition

We’ve listed below a few of the things every modern talent acquisition leader should take on board in order to be successful.

Eliminate cold-calling

Young professionals are more likely to be on social media rather than answering a phone call from an unknown number. Talent Acquisition leaders should ditch this outdated recruiting practice and instead, replace it with a modern approach to connect with these young professionals.

Build a talent pipeline

It’s essential to know who is cold, warm and hire-ready and in order to do this, you must build a talent pipeline. You should aim at building relationships with them, and staying in touch as they may be a great fit for any future roles you may have.

Your employer brand

A strong brand can be an advantage in recruiting quality candidates, so make sure your company’s website, social profiles, and company culture speak not only to potential clients but also to potential candidates. Your employer branding efforts are hugely important in grabbing the attention of top talent and making them want to apply.

Candidate experience

Candidate experience is increasing in importance every day. Providing a first-class candidate experience gives you access to top talent. Companies are in fierce competition with each other to fill each role, so when a company treats their candidates poorly, it sends the message that they treat their employees poorly too. Therefore, providing a positive candidate experience is essential for your company and its growth.

The use of HRTech

Great Talent Acquisition leaders understand the need to delegate and which tools will help get it right. HR technology takes care of time-consuming tasks and frees up vital time that would otherwise be spent on mundane administrative processes and slow down recruitment. Time-consuming tasks include screening, emailing candidates and reference checks. HR Technology allows talent acquisition teams to focus on employer branding, provide a positive candidate experience and apply the data in improving their talent acquisition strategy. Take a look at the top HR Tech Trends to watch out for in 2019.

Recruitment is one of the most important operations performed by any successful organisation. With skills shortage and talent scarcity, the demands and expectations being placed on talent acquisition teams are increasing. Recruitment success depends partly on getting the basics right, but also in finding out ways in gaining a competitive advantage.

Written by Siobhan Brady, Digital Marketing Executive at Candidate.ID.