Best Practices in HR

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Tamica Sears, The Corporate Fixer, is an HR Consultant and Executive Coach on a mission to change corporate America. With 20 years of human resources, leadership development, and coaching experience, she uses her skills to help leaders become more inclusive, empathetic, innovative, and authentic. She has guided organizations through mergers and acquisitions, organizational restructure, strategy sessions, succession planning, and creating and implementing leadership development programs. Her philosophy-HR Professionals should be employee advocates focusing on giving employees the best employee experience possible and that leadership self-awareness is critical for business success.

Identifying self-esteem as a common issue with many leaders, Tamica published “You Are Enough”, a book of motivational quotes designed to increase self-esteem in 30 days, and has a new book out “How to Tell if You’re an A**Hole Boss” that was released earlier this year. She has been a guest on numerous podcasts, workshops, and conferences speaking about leadership development, the future of work, DE&I, and self-awareness.