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Joe Freed
  February 23, 2021

Cultivate’s New Culture Report Helps Organizations Better Understand and Change Company Culture

Digital leadership platform Cultivate has announced the Cultivate Culture Report, a new feature of the Cultivate platform that objectively measures facets of company culture and correlates them to other success metrics such as engagement, retention or revenue. Strong organizational culture has been linked to numerous positive outcomes by research at the University of Minnesota, including innovation, employee retention and company effectiveness. All of which are even more important today considering the dramatic shifts toward remote and highly digital workforces. By passively analyzing digital behavior Cultivate can help organizations understand the links between company culture and business outcomes

Using artificial intelligence (AI) and natural language processing (NLP), Cultivate has discovered seven core groups of behaviors that define most organizations in their digital interactions, including information and opinion sharing, responsiveness, one-on-one meetings, collaboration, digital accommodation, after-hours work, and response density. Together, these map out an organization’s digital norms and culture. Understanding culture in this way allows organizations to evaluate if their current culture is effective and how best to address it. The Culture Report also offers a customized action plan to help organizations capitalize on the strengths of their culture and remedy the weaknesses.

Cultivate’s analysis of culture is unique from other culture tools in the market. First, it is passive, so no traditional surveys or self-assessments are needed. And second, compared to other passive or “digital exhaust” tools, Cultivate creates insights from the content of messages in email and chat platforms, not just the meta-data. This content-data is crucial in determining insights on behaviors like information sharing, offering opinions or giving recognition. This type of analysis allows Cultivate to provide a much richer view than traditional Organizational Network Analysis (ONA), and helps address aspects of culture like digital psychological safety or cultural buy-in.

Cultivate is also unique in how it collects its information. Unlike traditional ONA, which is top-down, Cultivate is an opt-in, bottom-up platform focused on employee empowerment first – in contrast to many people analytics platforms. The data used in the Culture Report is anonymized, and the feature requires a critical mass of opt-in users within an organization before it can be used.

“There is no template for a good company culture overall, but most successful organizations have strong buy-in to an organizational culture that works best for them,” said Rachel Habbert, Ph.D. and Senior People Scientist at Cultivate. “The Culture Report lets organizations see how their specific culture affects their business – perhaps departments that have a higher rate of information sharing have higher promotion and retention rates, or a department with a high rate of after-hours work has below-average KPIs. Armed with this knowledge, organizations can work to change their culture and improve these business outcomes.”

The Culture Report is available now to all Cultivate customers with more details available here: https://cultivate.com/culture-report/.