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Karin Hurt
  January 1, 1970

How Do I Build Trust With My Team (Video)

Practical Research-Based Ways to Build Trust With Your Team

When it comes to building trust with your team, what matters most? In this week’s Asking For a Friend, I talk with David Horshager, founder of The Trust Edge Institute about how to build trust, keep trust, and how to recover when trust is broken.

8 Pillars of Trust: How to Build Trust with Your Team

David shares 8 foundational pillars of trust based on his research at the Trust Institute.

  1. Clarity: People trust the clear and mistrust the ambiguous.Particularly during times of uncertainty and change. It was great to see how much Horshager’s research around how to build trust and clarity resonated with our research on psychological safety and building courageous cultures.
  2. Compassion: People put faith in people who care about others more than themselves.
  3. Character: People respect those who do what’s right over what is easy.
  4. Competency: People have confidence in those who stay fresh, relevant, and capable.
  5. Commitment: People believe in those who stand through adversity.
  6. Connection: People want to follow, buy from, and be around friends.
  7. Contribution: People respond immediately to results.
  8. Consistency: People love to see the little things done consistently.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lgbycrmfBTw]

Your turn. What do you find are the most important ways to build deeper trust with your team?

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