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  January 1, 2019

KREDO: The New Microlearning Platform to Build Continuous Learning Journeys

Does learning ever stop? What do you think? In my opinion, learning always evolves, but it never comes to an end. That’s quite unimaginable. Continuous Learning is a constant expansion of skills and knowledge. What makes this form of learning a necessity? It is to ensure that the learner adapts to the personal and professional changes in any environment he/she is in. KREDO is a name that’s not only for the novice but also for the expert. It is the go-to microlearning platform for the seasoned experts who wish to touch levels of excellence that they demand, even beyond what their organization seeks.    

Creating A Culture

Many organizations in today’s world have taken rapid strides and have surged ahead in embracing the culture of ‘Investing in People’. As the organization grows, they also wish for their employees to grow holistically. KREDO’s flexibility in enhancing an existing course to make it more in-depth and detailed is a feature that will hold any continuous learning journey in good stead. 

Right from the onboarding stage, when a new employee signs on the dotted line, their learning begins. This could be through short videos, to begin with. Every employee must know what it means to learn in the flow of work rather than considering learning a separate activity. Learning must never be imposed but must always be left to the employee by keeping it self-directed. One way to ensure this happens is by keeping the learning resource library as diverse and vivid as possible. I’ll run you through a few simple examples to make this possible in the next few lines.

Being Multidirectional

A new habit is not easy to cultivate, and when it comes to ‘Continuous Learning’, a thorough effort is required. How would it sound if I said that you could adopt ‘Continuous Learning’ using KREDO through various microlearning strategies? This practice eventually becomes a relentless good habit for everyone in your organization. ‘Continuous Learning’ differs in the formats that one wishes to choose from. Now, let’s look at why KREDO is the answer to every ‘Continuous Learning’ journey you can think of.

1. Blog posts: These combine text, videos, infographics, etc.

2. eBooks: Electronic text containing extras, like audio, video, hyperlinks, etc., ensuring proactive interaction.

3. Expert Videos: Invaluable advice, insights, views, suggestions, and more right at your fingertips.

4. Explainer Videos: Complex concepts and processes become easy to understand.

5. Infographics: Creative and visual approach to help you recall and retain information.

6. Interactive Videos: Motivation levels kept high through interactivity, multiple clicks, and less risk.

7. Job Aids: What is the task? How do you get it done? Job aids help you with simple and clear instructions.

8. Memory Boosters: Information recall made easy – anytime, anywhere ­– in the learning journey.

9. Microlearning Courses: Bite-sized learning modules making learning easy, effortless, and comfortable.

10. PDFs: Another format used to upload multiple documents converted from .doc, .docx., .ppt, .pptx, etc.

11. Webcast/Podcasts: Audio and visuals or audio alone. Feel free to choose as your learner likes it to be.

12. Webinars/Recorded Webinars: Presentations, videos, web pages, etc., watch them live or recorded.

Learning across any industry, be it the private sector or the government sector, is continually being disrupted through advances in technology, demographic changes, and constantly changing competitive landscapes. A better learning experience is the necessity of the hour, and continuous learning embraced through KREDO, a platform that understands these critical factors and their downstream implications, positions us well as your go-to platform of choice.


Through ‘Continuous Learning’, KREDO as a microlearning platform is all about ensuring professional competencies are managed, ensuring people stay employable and eligible for various roles, and creating a company culture where penalizing is not always the answer to mistakes that are made. But ‘Continuous Learning’ ensures employees stay up to date, thereby improving the survival capabilities in dynamic business environments. ‘Continuous Learning’ involves practice, feedback, and reflection. KREDO aids this by providing various forms of micro-resources that can be accessed just in time while working. Microlearning is an enabler for all the various approaches mentioned above. In addition, KREDO helps in rapidly re-organizing learning experiences. The ‘Continuous Learning’ journey is the approach that will move organizations from a content-centric “push” approach to a learner-centric “pull” approach.

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