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Cathy Light
  November 17, 2017

Leadership Balance; Key For Women in the Workplace

At the Liderança Group, we believe in putting the human back into human capital management. We focus on developing leaders. Together with my collegue Dr. Mark Tuggle, we have co-designed a new leadership program specifically for women in the workplace.

Companies whose top management teams include women post 35% higher returns on equity and 34% higher total returns to shareholders.

So, why aren’t more women able to advance their careers, take on senior leadership roles, and achieve all that they want in business?

The key problem is finding Leadership Balance.

Leadership Balance uses multiple tools with female leaders to give them clarity and insight into their leadership skills across several critical dimensions.

First, The Leadership Balance Quotient (LBq) provides visibility into three core dimensions of leadership: Mind, Will, and Heart.

Second, we evaluate emotional intelligence as research has repeatedly shown that strong emotional intelligence positively impacts job performance more than IQ, experience, or technical ability.

In our webcast, Leadership Balance, we spent a half hour discussing the following:

1. Leadership teams that include women drive stronger business results
2. Why women are struggling to advance their corporate careers, take on senior leadership roles, and achieve all they want in business
3. Most importantly, what you can do about it!
4. Create a Learning Organization—Enabling people to lead and contribute to their fullest potential

When our webcast audience was polled, they said 30% were investing in their professional development using a combination of self-funded and employer’s resources. 26% said occasionally with no structure. 24% said yes and that the employer was paying for all of it.

For more information about the Leadership Balance program please visit our website