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David Dye
  January 1, 2019

Unlock Your Team’s Best Thinking

Have you ever watched a team member do something clever, solve a problem, or creatively improve a process, then ask them why they hadn’t shared it with the team? Too often, your team’s best thinking remains hidden.

Their answer to why they didn’t speak up holds the key to unlocking your team’s best ideas and building a team of micro-innovators, problem-solvers, and customer advocates.

If your quiet problem-solver is like most people, she probably told you “I guess it’s just that no one ever asked.”

But realistically, we also work with many leaders who ask for ideas, but don’t get the insights they want.

So how do you unlock your team’s best thinking, draw out their creative ideas, and solve more problems?

It takes more than a generic “How can we improve?” to draw out your team’s best ideas.

Your team has questions of their own. Chief among them: can I trust you? Do you really want to hear what I have to say?

In this episode, you’ll get a proven strategy to unlock your team’s best thinking (and a bonus follow-up in the answer to a participant’s question about how and when to respond to the ideas you receive.)

For more on helping people speak up at work and creating a culture where it’s the norm, check out our latest book and get the first chapters free: Courageous Cultures – How to Build Teams of Micro-Innovators, Problem Solvers, Customer Advocates.

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