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  January 1, 1970

What to Look for in an Employee Training Solution

Human Resources is responsible for so many facets of employee information management, and often, compliance, records and reporting with respect to industry and government regulations are a part of that responsibility. It is not a small request to administer, track, record and report updates to the appropriate authorities.

One significant advantage of the age of corporate digital transformation is software solutions that keep up with employee education, development and regulatory licensing maintenance. When looking for a learning management system there are key features to consider: targeting simulation tools, virtual lockers and a learning repository.

What is Targeting?

Targeting allows for the deployment of customized training with specific content in the form of audio, media, events and forums that may be associated with specific job titles, roles or audiences. Digital communities and social groups are targets to enhance the sharing of knowledge.

What is an online Simulation Tool?

Simulations are robust case-based multimedia learning objects. They can assess competencies acquired through the learning tolls to evaluate critical thinking capability and the application of new knowledge.

What is a Virtual Locker?

An individual locker is a feature for learners that is private and secure. It maintains active courses, forums, schedule events, notifications and achievement badges and certifications.

What is a Learning Repository?

A learning repository is a digital library that allows the instructor to create, re-use and share learning objects to standardize the learning content. The authoring tool helps build content quickly and create responsive quizzes, presentations, discussion topics and assignments.

What are the Benefits of Learning Social Communities?

Digital learning communities help to grow social interactions for the sharing of ideas, information and learning. Blogs and forums also provide social learning opportunities. Polls and surveys provide important feedback that is important to education and training.

One solution that provides these features on a robust platform is LightWork Learning Management.

Powered by dialogEDU, LightWork Learn is one of the most intuitive learning tools available to Human Resources and Training professionals. It delivers automated CEU/CME management by providing credit manuscripts seamlessly and automatically to ACCME JAPARS ANCC, NARS and SCPR CPE Monitor. Additionally, it provides comprehensive templates and certifications for CEUs, CMEs, courses and programs, saving HR pros valuable administrative time. To learn more about LightWork Learn, visit www.LightWorkSoftware.com/learning-management.