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Revolutionize Your Staffing Business with IntegrityFirst

Join us to discover how IntegrityFirst is revolutionizing staffing strategies, significantly boosting the quality of hires, and dramatically reducing the risks and costs associated with workers’ compensation claims.

Why Attend?

Staffing agencies are the backbone of workforce solutions in high-volume hiring sectors. Your success hinges not only on the speed of placements but also on the quality and reliability of each worker you place. With IntegrityFirst, you can easily elevate your placement quality, resulting in higher margins, more profit per employee, and a substantial reduction in workers’ compensation risks.

What Will You Learn?

  • Revolutionary Reduction in Turnover: Understand how IntegrityFirst achieves a 37% reduction in turnover among front-line workers.
  • Significant Cost Savings: Explore how IntegrityFirst contributes to a 57% reduction in workers’ compensation costs and a 19% reduction in claim severity.
  • Enhanced Claim Management: Gain insights into achieving a 48% reduction in workers’ compensation claim frequency.
  • Bias-Free Hiring: Learn about the strategies for achieving a 100% elimination of bias early in the hiring process, leading to fairer and more effective placements.

Industry Endorsements:

IntegrityFirst is not just another tool; it’s a proven solution backed by industry giants. Esteemed staffing agencies like TrueBlue and major insurance providers including Lockton, Zurich, Alliant, Zenith, Captive Resources, and HUB, recommend IntegrityFirst to their clients to prevent risky hires and reduce turnover in temporary staff placements.

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