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Revolutionizing Work Comp Claims and Insurance Brokerage with IntegrityFirst

New hires account for a staggering 34-51% of all Work Comp Claims, regardless of their industry experience, as highlighted by the Travelers 2023 study. Dive into this comprehensive webinar replay where we unpack these significant findings:

  • Achieve a 30% reduction in employee turnover and stabilize your clients’ workforce.
  • Experience a 48% drop in claim frequency and handle Work Comp incidents proactively.
  • Realize a 19% reduction in claim severity and cut the cost of each claim.
  • Attain 10-25X ROI consistently – a powerful financial case.
  • Boost applicant volume by 10-30X, widening your clients’ hiring options.

In an era where insurance brokers need to be more than mere sellers, this webinar emphasizes the transformative power of IntegrityFirst.

Discover how this approach can:

  • Reduce first-year WC claims by an impressive 65%.
  • Lower turnover by 30% in targeted industries through integrity-based hiring.
  • Seamlessly incorporate IntegrityFirst without revamping existing systems.
  • Transition from a mere seller to an indispensable, value-added partner.

Elevate your brokerage game, stand out, and become the broker every company desires.

Fletcher Wimbush
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