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In a recent survey, I participated in around 40% of companies had no budget to introduce any DEI efforts in the workplace. My frustration over budgets getting in the way of treating people equally just doesn’t seem right to me at all. When does this stop? What can we do?

How do we break the cycle and change the futures of the workforce, and children’s futures, and bring some additional harmony to the workplace and world.

Everyone has the power to influence someone or something to help make the change!

What is my superpower? I currently have an online Human Resource publication with a reach of over 200,000 HR folks in North America. I want to build a DEI Certification program currently we have about 30 hours of educational content and another 30 hours that needs to be recorded, plus some professional videos that organizations can share with all their employees. With a question set and formatted into a learning management system.

My firm, and my team will not profit from this, nor take a wage for this. We recognize we are privileged, and we want to do what we can to make a difference, this is a pay-it-forward program. We just need some help to pay for the technology and to professionally piece it together.

To build out a super cool certification program for the workplace it is pretty costly.

If we can eliminate the cost of entry, companies can leverage this program for no cost. I hope you share this vision; we want as many people as possible to be educated.

All companies that participate are going to be suggested to donate the recommended fees or a portion of these fees to a hand-selected group of recognized charities (that they will get credit for directly)

Crunching the numbers, the database has an average company size of 550 employees, with 20,000 companies represented. If we convert 5% of the audience for 1000 companies to participate.

$1,500 = $500 x 3 HR folks that want full certification

$3,200 = $80 x 40 Managers / Supervisors Training

$5,100= $10 x 510 employee version.

$9800 Total

Donations to charity

$980,000 – If we can get 10% to donate the full amount to charity

$500,000 – If we get 10% to donate 50% of the fees

$200,000 – If we get 20% to donate $1,000

What is the value of influencing 550,000 humans?

It would be incredible if we could raise 1.5 million charities related to Diversity issues.

I appreciate you reading this, and appreciate your donation. As you can see a small donation effectively could be multiplied exponentially. For each $100 we collect, we have a ripple effect of being equal to $15,800.

All donations above the $20,000 US / $24,000 Canadian dollar we hope to receive will be applied to social media advertising and call center to increase the conversion of both the donations and participation.

Individuals can donate via Donate via Kickstarter

If you want to support the program by;

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